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Providing comprehensive solutions for audio visual systems from design to integration.

Sound Control

Sound Systems:

Imagine your entire music collection and your favorite music apps playing in any room of your house with the simple touch of a button. We can organize your collection and provide a sleek and simple way for you to control what you want to hear, where you want to hear it. Our designs range from soothing ambient background sound, to full blown dance party sized systems!

TV Remote Programming

TVs on wall:

Are you ready to optimize your viewing experience and clean up the look of your room at the same time? Let mount your flat panel TV in that perfect spot in your home. Over the fireplace? No problem! Outside near the hot tub? No problem! We will conceal all the cables for that sleek professional look!

Remote Control Programming

Simple Remotes:

Are you overwhelmed by too many remotes on the coffee table? Do you need three or four remotes just to figure out how to get the DVD player on your screen? We can help. One remote controls everything! That's right, one single sleek remote will bring up your favorite TV channel with a quick button press. We can even turn your iPhone, iPad or Android into a convenient touchscreen that will control your entire system!